What is physiotherapy for dogs?

Physiotherapy for dogs can be performed by physiotherapists with additional qualifications for veterinary patients and veterinary rehabilitation can be conducted by veterinarians with rehabilitation qualifications. 

Veterinary Rehabilitation uses a combination of techniques, and disciplines across a range of fields. In effect, veterinary rehabilitation combines knowledge and techniques from the fields of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, exercise physiology and veterinary science, to customise a recovery program for your pet.

There are great benefits in having a background in veterinary science. A knowledge of medicine, experience in veterinary orthopaedic surgery and veterinary behaviour allows for a Rehabilitation Veterinarian to have a very detailed insight into the problems facing your pet. This in turn, allows for them to be well equipped to help your pet with a rehabilitation program, that accommodates all of your pet’s various needs. 

Veterinary rehabilitation can combine massage therapy, laser therapy, regenerative medicine (stem cell) therapy, exercise therapy and hydrotherapy to obtain the best results for recovery and to improve your pet’s quality of life.

Dr. Lindy Price BVSc(hons) MANZCVS(surg) CCRP is a Rehabilitation Veterinarian with over twenty five years experience in the veterinary industry. 

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