Getting your dog back on their feet after a spinal injury.

Neurological / Spinal rehab in water

Spinal conditions and neurological conditions are particularly suited to rehabilitation in water. Hydrotherapy may be the first place a paralysed dog starts to use their limbs. Making a video record of hydrotherapy can be an extremely encouraging way to note your pet’s progress on the road or the river to recovery!

Animals that are paralysed benefit from the stimulation and sensory input of water and they are able to move their limbs a small amount with the support of a flotation device and in-water hydrotherapist. 

Miraculous recoveries in the pool are not uncommon. 

Regular hydrotherapy sessions can provide the stimulation, encouragement and exercise that is crucial to a spinal patient’s recovery. The process can also be immensely enjoyable and rewarding for your pet as they begin to regain lost confidence in their limbs.

Getting dogs swimming is sometimes the first step to getting dogs walking again.

Underwater treadmills or walking in water can provide another great way to support your dog’s body weight and encourage them to use their legs. When the water level is at the shoulder, nearly two thirds of the body is supported in water. This is the natural next step after seeing some movement of recovering legs in the pool. Walking in water provides a manageable amount of gravity and the right amount of support for your pet to get back on their feet.

Rehabilitation programs for animals with a neurological condition need to be closely managed and New Life Vet works in partnership with Dog Overboard, to make sure your pet is receiving the right care at the right time in their recovery process.