The best pain management for osteoarthritis

The key to taking a load off sore joints is to lose weight.

Minimising the pain in osteoarthritic joints maximises the quality of life of your pet.

Studies have shown that osteoarthritis develops during the lifetime of your dog, even despite the hip and elbow testing systems, breeding and scoring programs. This is in addition to the osteoarthritis that develops after an injury, such as a cruciate ligament rupture and repair.

Osteoarthritis is more severe, and develops earlier in dogs that are overweight.

So how do you know if your dog is overweight?

There are some simple rules of thumb.

  • Your dog should have a waist.
  • You should be able to feel and see ribs.
  • From the side, your dog should have a tuck up behind the chest, not a flat line from front to back.

In essence, prevention is better than cure. Osteoarthritis is a painful, debilitating disease and avoiding it for your pet, is certainly the best option.

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