The benefits of physiotherapy for dogs

Physiotherapy or veterinary rehabilitation has multiple benefits for your dog.

Rehabilitation programs are designed by a specially qualified vet to provide pain relief, improve movement and mobility, strengthen specific muscle groups and build endurance.

Rehabilitation consultations often help you to help your pet at home. The philosophy of New Life Vet is to put the resources and tools in your hands so that you can be responsible for, and intimately involved in your pets recovery.

A carefully structured rehabilitation program can speed your pet’s recovery from surgery and restore full function. Early recovery means less pressure on the rest of the body and less fatigue of the muscles involved in compensatory gait changes.

(Walking with a limp can take a toll in other places!)

Rehabilitation programs, laser therapy and massage techniques may be used to complement pain management for conditions such as arthritis or spinal disorders.

This can be especially helpful if your pet is already taking medications or you would prefer a drug free or minimal drug approach.

Rehab can also strengthen and build the bond you already have with your pet. Regular exercise activities and therapy can become your pet’s favourite part of the day. Not only is it helping them stay active, it will help you both enjoy life to the full.

If you have any questions about rehabilitation or your dog, ask Lindy, our qualified Rehabilitation Veterinarian on our Contact Us page.