Is it arthritis or old age?

I would like to say that old age is not a disease, but osteoarthritis is, and there are treatment and management options to help.

We often see our pets ‘slowing down’ as they age, and this is usually because the things that they are used to doing, are hurting. 

Some people will comment that their dog doesn’t complain, but when your dog is limping, it is telling us something. Dog’s express pain differently to people, and often times, you won’t hear them complaining…or whimpering, when they are hurting.

Dogs will sometimes warm into their day, but the first few steps on a cold winter’s morning for a dog with osteoarthritis, are slow and stiff and sore.

Obtaining a diagnosis of osteoarthritis can be made by your regular vet or rehabilitation practitioner. 

Radiographs are very helpful for identifying problem areas and can also be used to develop a suitable treatment plan and exercise strategy for each individual. 

Blood tests may be part of the diagnostic process to assess your pet’s internal health and especially their kidney function. This helps your vet choose appropriate and safe pain relief medications. If your pet is currently on medications for other diseases or illnesses, these will need to be considered.

Just because your furry friend is getting old, doesn’t mean they have to suffer with the pain of osteoarthritis. We are happy to answer your questions about osteoarthritis, contact us for more details or to book a consultation for rehabilitation.