Physiotherapy & Exercise Physiology For Dogs - New Life Vet

Although this is a beautiful image of cats and dogs coming together in love…sometimes they don’t come together in love, it’s more like war.

That was the story for poor Tiger when he first presented to the Animal Emergency Centre (AREC) in Newcastle. He had multiple injuries and was stabilised, before being transferred back to his regular vet at Brunker Road Veterinary Hospital. He underwent more surgery to repair fractures and injuries to his chest. He was in hospital recuperating for many days.

Once he got back home, it was time to start the rehab work. The injuries to his forelimb had left him with damaged nerves, crushed tissue and a fractured humerus. The bone was plated and healing was underway, but nerves are slow to heal, and we were worried about Tiger’s paw and forelimb not working properly.

To accelerate the healing process and to help Tiger’s recovery, we worked with the owner to establish an exercise program, and stretches to prevent muscle contraction.

In addition to the home exercises, Tiger started a course of laser therapy. Because of COVID restrictions, the team at AREC were able to deliver the laser services in consultation with Dr Lindy… and Tiger has made a wonderful recovery.

There is nothing more satisfying than to support and witness the recovery of a much loved pet, as they return to life…as it was meant to be. Go Tiger!!…and what a team effort it has been, thanks to Brunker Road Vet Hospital, and the wonderful rehab nurses… Nadine, Rhea and Jess at AREC.